Follow Your Star



Follow Your Star (compendium) v3
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   Friday 18 November - Sunday 18 December, 12-5pm (closed on Mondays)


   Families with children aged 7+, Adults and students


   Free entry, donations welcome


Join us for stars and sparkle this holiday season



Make Me a Star

19 November to 10 December, 1-4pm

Free entry


"I'm gonna make you a star ..."


This year artist Sarah Turner has designed us an eco-tree and we'd love you to help us fill it with stars.

Come up to the Top Gallery and make one of Sarah's beautiful star designs — then nip down to the Basement to add your star to our festive tree.​​​​


Show and Tell: Astrolabes

26 November to 10 December, 2.00pm-4.00pm


Free entry

"We'll be counting stars ..."


Join our team to discover how our ancestors used intriguing astrolabes to scan the skies and read the rhythm of the universe.

Find out how to tell the time with an astrolabe — and try it yourself on one of our special astrolabes.


​​​​We look forward to welcoming you