Gallery hire

Our four galleries are positioned across three floors of this beautiful 17th-century building. The world’s first purpose-built museum, our building also once housed the Ashmolean Museum, the School of Natural History and Oxford’s first chemistry laboratory. Now it can lend its charm and character to your special event. Our spaces are great for talks, recitals, networking events, filming and photoshoots. 

Facilities: Mixed spaces available with wireless internet access, audio-visual and projection facilities, and seating/tables as required. 

Accessibility: Our building is accessed via stairs to the main Entrance Gallery; only the Basement Gallery is wheelchair accessible. 

Top Gallery (the Old Ashmolean): 50 standing or 30 seated for a presentation/recital 
Entrance Gallery (the School of Natural History): 50 Standing at any one time 
Basement Gallery Lecture/Presentation space: 50 standing or 50 seated for a presentation/recital