Oxfordshire Kindness Wave: Label Challenge

Calling Curious Curators ...

Our Museum is closed for a while – so how do you fancy becoming the Curious Curator for an object in your own home?

The Institute for Digital Archaeology got together with the Oxfordshire Kindness Wave and us here at the History of Science Museum to create a spring-term mission: 
  • Write a label (like a mini poster) which would make visitors to your home museum curious about your chosen object
  • Your object doesn't have to be precious or beautiful – just interesting!
Assemble your Challenge Toolkit

All you need is:

  1. One sheet of A4 paper 
  2. Pens
  3. Something from your house which has a curious or interesting story.

It could be your own object — or it might belong to someone in your family. So ask around and see what you can find out.

Kindness Wave Label Challenge Pen and paper



Interested? Click on play to hear from your Mission Curator ...




Become a Curious Curator: How to enter

The competition is open to young people up to 13 years-old. You can talk to your family to get some ideas, but we'd like you to write your object's story on your A4 label yourself. 
Your label should:
  • fit on one side of A4
  • be hand-written (don't write too small!)
  • include any drawings or graphs you want to add to illustrate your story.
We'll create an online Gallery of the most curious objects and stories you send us. 
Watch the video to get your Mission briefing, and enjoy creating the label to share you object and story with us.


Kindness Wave Label Challenge: Dr Federica Gigante with an example of an A4 story label for her favourite object

Dr Federica Gigante shows an example of an A4, hand-written story label for her favourite object: a key

When you're ready, email photos of:
  • your object
  • the panel which tells its story
to us at publicengagement@hsm.ox.ac.uk
We're looking forward to seeing your ideas.
Good luck!
Competition closes: 31 March 2021