Research visits

Introduction to the service - can see objects and library/archive? How many objects, how big the library etc?

Visitors to the collections are welcome, and our research facilitator is on hand to facilitate visits. Contact for more information and to secure your visit. 

OR: Use our online form to book your research sessions and request the material you wish to view. Our online catalogue will enable you to identify the material you would like to see. 

Our facilities

During your visit we can provide bench space...

The Museum has Eduroam and public WiFi access (both free)

To book a visit, contact

The Library

The Library contains over 20,000 books, including a number of rare and antiquarian books, such as Hooke's Micrographia, the oldest book in the collection if the Kalendarium of Regiomontanus, an astronomical calendar, which was published in Venice in 1476. There are about 1,000 printed works from the Founder's collection and over 100 volumes in manuscript. 

The Archive

Our archice contains paper instruments, prints, photographs, incunabula, bindings, printed ephemera and association copies. A great deal of the archive came to the Museum from the Founder, Sir Lewis Evans.

More information for your visit

  • To book a visit to the Library and Archive, please email
  • The Library and Archive is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Access outside these hours is at  the discretion of your host and is not guarenteed
  • The Museum has no designated parking available. We advise visitors travelling from outside of Oxford to walk from the station or use the city's Park & Ride services. 


Dr Lee Macdonald, Research Facilitator


Phone: +44 [0]01865 277 278

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