About Time

About Time: One Passion. A World of Histories
Why did a businessman like Lewis Evans build one of the finest collections of timekeepers from Europe and the Islamic World? 


It started with a gift: a sundial, given to a 16-year-old Lewis by his eccentric father. 

As he explored this ingenious instrument, Lewis discovered a world of histories: from the ancient science of time-telling to the bustling workshops of late 1600s Paris. 

And he was inspired to learn more.

Over 50 years, Lewis built a collection to rival any museum, then or now.  

From Persian astrolabes and German sundials to first edition books by Europe’s most influential mathematicians, he collected and researched them all. 

Step into Lewis’ study and discover how to hold time in your hand. 


From 2 March 2024  |  Free admission  |  Donations welcome

Exploring the founding collections

Dr Sumner Braund — curator of About Time — shares some of the histories and stories at the heart of the founding collection: