Mailing list (Rete)

Rete is a mailing list devoted to the history of scientific instruments. It is open to all interested parties – curators, historians, students, collectors, and dealers – at all levels of experience and expertise. Subscribers can use it to ask questions about particular instruments or types of instrument; to announce exhibitions, meetings and conferences; to draw attention to printed or electronic publications; and so on. The list should not, however, be used for commercial purposes, such as announcing instruments for sale.

The list is an inclusive one, with members drawn from all over the world. When posting messages, contributors are expected to keep comments professional and respectful, and to maintain the list’s established reputation as a welcoming and helpful resource.

The mailing list is hosted by the University of Oxford and managed by the History of Science Museum as a service to the historical instrument community. In order to minimise server storage and network bandwidth, it is configured to reject messages sent with attachments. Subscribers who wish to make an image available to the list should upload to one of the many third-party image hosting websites and then include the URL in their message to the list.

To join the mailing list manually, simply send a blank email to the address
from the email account at which you wish to receive messages.

Once subscribed, you can send messages to the list using the address; you will receive further instructions on Rete when your subscription is successful.

If you wish to unsubscribe, simply send a blank email to
from your subscribed email address.

The archives of the list are available online without subscription (covering the period June 2003 onwards).