Photo & Digital Art Commission: Marconi Collection

Can you reimagine the birth of broadcasting?

This is an open call for a photographer or digital artist to creatively respond to the Marconi Collection

Driven by pioneering Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, radio-transmission technology exploded during the 20th century from sending Morse code messages to a form of broadcast used across the globe. 

And it changed forever the way humans connect and communicate.

Bringing the stories to life

But the Marconi Collection includes some of our most challenging 'black box' objects — they were designed to be used rather than admired.

That's why we're looking for a creative partner to take a fresh look at this groundbreaking collection and bring these objects to life for our digital, online audiences.

Can you propose creative visual treatment which reveals their beauty and ingenuity to unlock a deeper exploration of their human stories?

The commission brief below has everything you need to know to create your proposal.

Deadline to email us your proposal: 14 February 2022