Discovering Marconi

Ever looked at a 1960s Morris Minor Traveller van and thought, "Wouldn't that make a great travelling museum ..."?


The Institute for Digital Archaeology, in collaboration with Magdalen College Outreach, Oxford's Department of Physics, and the History of Science Museum, did just that.

The Marconi Van is brand new — a unique multimedia, interactive exhibition.

Housed inside a 1968 Traveller van built at Oxford's very own Morris Motors factory, the Marconi Van exhibition tells the story of Marconi's pioneering work and its scientific legacy in radio and microwave physics:


  • interactive activities exploring the past, present, and future of radio and communications physics
  • imaginatively displayed historical objects from the History of Science Museum's collection tell their stories
  • virtual experiments you can try yourself — have a go in the laboratory!


COVID-safe exploration

Enjoy the Marconi Van experience by looking through the windows — or if you'd rather stay further away, you can take part online using our content-packed virtual interface which links you directly to objects and activities inside.



Take the Marconi Tour

Our friend and colleague Ken Taylor — volunteer tour guide at the Museum and Chairman of the Oxford District Amateur Radio Society — shares the life and achievements of inventor and entrepreneur Guglielmo Marconi, and how he brought wireless radio communication to the world.
Calling all Marconi fans ...
Ken gives us a short tour of the Marconi Collection
before joining fellow amateur radio enthusiasts for Marconi Day

Well, what do you know?
Ken goes behind the scenes to explain Marconi's connection to the Titanic, Irish whiskey and the BBC


Become a Morse Code Operator
Download your Morse Code Operator kit, grab a flashlight, and have fun learning Morse Code!
Be a Morse Code Sleuth


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Experience Marconi's Communication Revolution in 8 Objects