A special announcement

In May the Multaka-Oxford Team won the Museums + Heritage Award for Volunteer Team of the Year!

Talking about the Volunteer Team, Diane Lees (Chair of the 2019 judging panel) said “the genuine mutual benefit to both organisation and volunteer is clear to see ... They have shared their experience, insight and expertise to collaborate and to reach new audiences, helping the museums to be more relevant and accessible to their communities.” 

Not only did they win Volunteer Team of the Year, Multaka-Oxford was also Highly Commended for Partnership of the Year. The project has partners from across the city and beyond. Together our work is stronger - thank you Asylum WelcomeRefugee Resource, Syrian Sisters, Connection SupportOxford City CouncilAspire Oxford and  Sanctuary Hosting, and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Collection Fund who have made the project possible. 

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Multaka in Arabic translates in English to 'meeting point'. Multaka-Oxford aims to create volunteer opportunities and to use museums and collections as a ‘meeting point’ for bringing people together. The project is funded until September 2019 by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.

Multaka-Oxford is being delivered jointly by the Pitt Rivers Museum and the History of Science Museum. It's run in collaboration with the local organisations Asylum Welcome, Connection Support Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme and Refugee Resource. Nuha Abdo from Syrian Sisters is the Community Ambassador. Volunteers are at the centre of the project.

The Multaka team of staff and volunteers are working with two collections: the Islamic scientific instruments at the History of Science Museum, and a recent donation from Jenny Balfour Paul of textiles from the Arab World at the Pitt
Rivers Museum. Together they are researching, learning and discovering other perspectives about these collections. This wealth of knowledge and understanding is being added to the museums’ databases and is being shared with a wider
community through multi-lingual events, tours, blogs and displays.

The project is inspired by Multaka: Museums as a meeting point, which is based in Berlin. It provides opportunities for individuals to create Arabic tours across four museums in the

يهدف إلى خلق فرص التطوع للمهاجرين قسريًا واستخدام المتاحف والمقتنيات “كنقطة التقاء” لجمع الأفراد معًا

ملتقى أكسفورد هو مشروع ممول مادياً من صندوق ازمي فيربين كوليكشن حتى أيلول سنة ٢٠١٩

.سيكون هناك تعاون مشترك بين متحف پيت رڤيرز ومتحف تاريخ العلوم، جنبا إلى جنب مع منظمات المجتمع المحلي والجماعات الشعبية والأفراد

.ملتقى اكسفورد يهدف إلى إشراك النازحين في العمل اليومي للمتاحف من خلال خلق فرص عمل تطوعي شاملة وسيتم تمكين فريق المتطوعين لتقديم جميع جوانب المشروع – من أبحاث المجموعات الى المشاركة العامة

.ويركز المشروع على مجموعتين من مقتنيات المتحفين: المجموعة الاولى من الأدوات الفلكية الإسلامية في متحف تاريخ العلوم، ومقتنيات الثانية من المنسوجات المكتسبة حديثاً من الشرق الأوسط في پيت ريڤيرز

هذا المشروع مستوحى فكرته من مشروع ملتقى متاحف برلين: المتاحف كنقطة التقاء، والتي توفر الفرص للأفراد لإنشاء جولات في المتحف باللغة العربية عبر أربعة متاحف في المدينة. كلمة العربية تعني “نقطة التقاء” واهداف مشروعيأكسفورد
وبرلين و هي إنشاء مكان يمكن للأفراد الاجتماع فيه وتبادل خبراتهم ومعرفتهم ومهاراتهم مع بعضهم البعض ومع الموظفين.

.ومن خلال ذلك، نهدف إلى تعزيز التفاهم وسرد الروايات والمشاركة فيما يخص مقتنيات المتحف، كذلك دعم المتطوعين في بناء الثقة واكتساب الخبرة العملية ودعم التكامل المجتمع


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"When I came to the History of Science Museum I found these objects here from Islamic world….I find I was so happy and I feel so pleased when I show people these are from my country, I am so happy."

- A Multaka-Oxford volunteer

The team

The Multaka-Oxford Team are:

Abdullah, Abi, Ali, Chaitanya, Dhamyaa, Dot, Duncan, Farida, Ghazala, Hadi, Hannah, Hussein, Khalil, Mariam, Mohamed, Mohammad, Navigator, Nawar, Nicola, Niran, Niveen, Nuha, Rachel, Rana, Rawan, Richard, Roushin, Safaa, Safaa, Sarah, Shaimaa, Suheer, Thabo, Tammam and Waed.

Contact the team:


Phone: +44 (0)1865 282 456

In the press

The project has gained coverage in the local, national and international press. Some of the coverage can be seen on the Gardens, Libraries & Museums website.

About the collections

Researching and sharing knowledge about museum collections is an essential element of Multaka-Oxford. At the History of Science Museum Multaka-Oxford is looking at the Islamic scientific instruments. Multaka volunteers have incredible knowledge, understanding and connections to objects in the collections.

Get involved

The majority of volunteers come to the project through community partners. There are also volunteer roles advertised through the Joint Museums Volunteer Service. If you would like to volunteer you can register on the Gardens, Libraries and Museums website.

"I am learning here about my culture, in Syria I didn’t learn about it like this. I learn and it makes me feel very proud. I am pleased the museum has these things."

- A Multaka-Oxford volunteer

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