Photo Oxford 2020

Celebrating Photo Oxford 2020

Founded by local photojournalist Robin Laurance, Photo Oxford brings internationally acclaimed photography and photographic debate to the city of Oxford.

Hosting exhibitions and events in collaboration with local, national, and international partners, the Photo Oxford festival brings examples of photographic excellence to our region, developing new audiences, nurturing talent, and promoting investment in the sector.

Women and Photography at the History of Science Museum

This year we're also celebrating 100 years of women's matriculation at the University of Oxford with this online Gallery of images in our collection taken by talented women photographers. 



Botanical Blue - the algae of botanist Anna Atkins

Photo Oxford Anna Atkins algae images 1800 x 840 px
Early experimenters with photography often made contact copies of pieces of lace to test or illustrate the primitive processes that began with Fox Talbot's invention of the 'photogenic drawing' in 1839.
When botanist Anna Atkins learned about the cyanotype process directly from Herschel, she immediately saw its potential for recording delicate botanical specimens.
Pioneer in print
The first part of her compendium of 'cyanotype impressions' of seaweeds, published in 1843, made history. It was the first book to be illustrated with photographs, and the first time anyone had produced a whole book using photography.
Learn more about Anna Atkins' photography and her life and works.
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Sarah Acland - colour photography pioneer

Photo Oxford Sarah Acland Nature images composite 1800 x 840 px
Sarah Acland was the daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford and friend of Dean Henry Liddell, father of Alice Liddell who inspired Lewis Carroll's Alice stories.
As a child, she was photographed by Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll, who was a keen amateur photographer) and aged 19 she was influenced by photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
Passion for colour photography
In 1899 she started experimenting with colour photography and in 1904 exhibited 33 of her 3-colour prints at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain's Annual Exhibition. 
A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) and the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), she became an accomplished photographer, building an extensive portfolio of photographs taken around her home in Park Town, Oxford and on the island of Madeira.
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Photographing Wonderland

Photo Oxford Charles L Dodgson Fair Rosamund 1800 x 840 px (01)
Charles L. Dodgson is best known as Lewis Carroll, author of the Alice stories.
Clergyman and mathematician at Christ Church College in Oxford, he took up photography aged just 24 when it was still a relatively new art form.
He soon became a well-known gentleman photographer, established his own studio, and created more than 3,000 images, although fewer than 1,000 have survived.
This image was probably taken on 3 July 1863. It shows Annie Rogers on the right dressed as Queen Eleanor, the wife of Henry III, and Mary Jackson on the left as Fair Rosamund, his mistress. Eleanor offers her rival the choice of a dagger or poison, while Fair Rosamund kneels, her hands clasped. 
Celebrating 100 years of women's matriculation
Annie Rogers went on to become a campaigner for women's full membership of the University of Oxford, and was one of the first women graduates in 1920.
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