Renaissance Globe Event: Spices, tea, coffee and ceramics

Renaissance Globe Event: Spices, tea, coffee and ceramics

Family Friendly / Drop-in

On arrival visitors approached a sensory table where they were invited to smell and touch cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, green and black tea leaves, and coffee beans. People had fun guessing which spices and plants they were smelling and tried to place their origin on a map of the world.

The table also featured seventeenth century ceramics for drinking and storing tea and coffee, enabling a discussion of the growing European fashion for drinking tea and coffee at that time.

Families then explored the Museum to find a cup they would like to drink out of and a container they would like to eat out of, drawing labelled pictures of each. These pictures were attached to the globe with colourful raffia string, with a large dot marking the origin of each find. Families were also invited to decorate the frame of the globe with various aromatic spices.

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