Animate it

A series of short films that bring to life a selection of working scientific instruments from the Museum's collection. All are on permanent display but for conservation reasons would not normally be handled or demonstrated in public. The films include demonstration, explanation, and some historical background. 

The Animate It project involved a team of postgraduate students and staff from the Museum as presenters, and was supported by an Innovation Award (2014–15) from Oxford University Museums Partnership (OUMP). You can read the project report here.

What the presenters said:
‘I think the project provided a really nice opportunity to be involved with a public engagement activity not directly related to my current research… I liked that I was able to select the item myself from a range of different ones so that I could research something I genuinely thought was fascinating.’ 

‘I gained presentation skills along with confidence building. I have also learned what kind of time and effort goes into a project like this. I’ve learned how to deal with anxiety at presenting and that preparation is the key to a successful outcome.’

‘This was a really useful exercise in thinking about ways to ‘unlock’ the objects and their stories and test them out, not just through my video but also in discussion with the other participants and by comparing their approach to making their videos.’

‘This was a really enjoyable project, and I’m grateful that I was given the chance to get involved. Thank you again.’